Sunday, February 1, 2009


Since it is now February, I think I should start focusing on some goals. Not that I'll accomplish all of them this year, but to be striving to achieve something is a good idea, right? So here's the list, not necessarily in any order:

1. Drink more water every day.

2. Start doing yoga/pilates on a regular basis

3. Meal plan. At least one week at a time.

4. More quality time with my husband and kids. None of us are getting any younger.

5. Show people that I love how much I love them, even if it means stepping out of my comfort

6. Organized reading. I'm so bad about starting a book, then starting another one without
finishing the first.

7. Paint the remaining white walls in my house. A hallway, a stairway, bathroom and laundry

8. Teach Ben how to read. We're working on learning the alphabet right now.

9. Run a half marathon.

10. Read my Bible daily. (This should be at the top of the list.)