Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling nostalgic

I was going through my pictures today, looking for a particular one that was taken of a garden trellis at our previous home. I started at the beginning of my collection, knowing it was taken shortly after I got a digital camera, back in 2003. I had forgotten how much I enjoy looking at pictures from the past, especially pictures of the kids when they were so much younger.
I came across this picture of Hannah on her 4th birthday. She was really into dressing up and singing, and here she was giving me a private performance of "Me and My Teddy Bear," as sung by Baby Bop. :) The only reason I remember the song is because I took a video along with the picture. She was such a little princess, and still is. Just in a big girl kind of way...
Looking at pictures from this time period reminds me how life seemed less busy back then, and we seemed to have more time to soak up sweet little moments like these. I guess it's just the natural evolution of a family. And I'm glad I have lots of pictures like these to remind me to make time and to not get so busy that we forget to make more special memories.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Over 12 years ago

This is Trevor, on December 24, 1995. It certainly doesn't seem like it has been over 12 years since that day. Today he finishes the 6th grade.
His feet are bigger than mine, we discovered last night. He is almost taller than me, in fact I'm sure he will pass me up this summer.
He has such a big heart, cares about people and his family, and most importantly, he loves God.
He makes me laugh, and amazes me with his success in school. (So far, a 4.0 GPA this year.)
And although it wasn't my plan to become a mother at age 20, I cannot imagine life now without Trevor. He is definitely one of God's greatest gifts to me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

These Two...

...have a love/hate relationship. (Or maybe it's more like sibling rivalry.) But I think the hate part is just for show.
Getting a picture of them together can be very difficult most of the time. For example, today we stopped to take some pictures at this really beautiful field of lupine. (Ben was asleep in the car.) I asked them to stand together for a picture and to hurry because the battery in my camera was low. I just started snapping, figuring I would have to settle for a picture of them in a lupine field wrestling around being silly, but after a few shots I ended up with a pretty nice picture with the pretty purple blooms behind them.
I know they love eachother. And hopefully as they grow up they'll be able to show it more easily.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Marching in the parade

My boy...playing his trombone and marching with his school band in the Strawberry parade last Saturday....and I'm not a big fan of parades. But this one was special because Trevor was in it. Making me proud. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wee Artists

Yesterday I got down the paints from the very top cupboard in the kitchen. You see, they had been there since Ben and Ava had gotten into them about a year and a half ago, rubbing them into the carpet two separate times. It happened before I could get to them and stop them. That is how quickly they work as a team.
I figured they were probably ready to try the paints again, this time with a little more supervision and structure. Oh and they were so excited. The moment I suggested painting, they both forgot what they were doing and ran into the kitchen as I got the paints down. Of course, they immediately started requesting certain colors, but that was solved by putting all of the paints in the center where they could be reached by both of them. (Notice the blue and purple paints are missing...rubbed into the carpet...)
The painting actually held their attention for quite a while. Ben took the more "modern art" approach, while Ava scattered her colors separately all over her paper, including a "rainbow" in the end.
I think investing in some more good paints, including the colors blue and purple, is in order for this summer. We may even try painting outside if the sun ever makes it's appearance again.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our dinner

Food, yummy food. My oh-so-kind sister prepared a delicious meal for our family tonight. Pork tenderloin with cooked apples. Add a little rice and steamed broccoli and we had ourselves a wonderful, tasty dinner. And since I worked all day, this was especially nice to come home to. Thank you Jenny! Love you.