Sunday, February 1, 2009


Since it is now February, I think I should start focusing on some goals. Not that I'll accomplish all of them this year, but to be striving to achieve something is a good idea, right? So here's the list, not necessarily in any order:

1. Drink more water every day.

2. Start doing yoga/pilates on a regular basis

3. Meal plan. At least one week at a time.

4. More quality time with my husband and kids. None of us are getting any younger.

5. Show people that I love how much I love them, even if it means stepping out of my comfort

6. Organized reading. I'm so bad about starting a book, then starting another one without
finishing the first.

7. Paint the remaining white walls in my house. A hallway, a stairway, bathroom and laundry

8. Teach Ben how to read. We're working on learning the alphabet right now.

9. Run a half marathon.

10. Read my Bible daily. (This should be at the top of the list.)


Gullett Circus said...

Sounds like good goals to me. Good luck!

Russ said... father's name was Wayne R Baley, his father was Wilbur Baley who was the brother in law of Juanita. We have a ton of family from my grandmothers side in Albany, Lebanon and Sweet Home.

Are you related?

Russell Baley